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Central Heating Services in Cornwall 

Free consultation and survey to discuss your heating requirements

We provide a free consultation and on-site survey to assess the central heating that will work most efficiently and provide you with year round warmth and hot water. Systems we install include natural gas, LPG and oil fired boilers which we can supplement with underfloor heating and solar panels. Once your new system has been installed and commissioned we will be happy to carry out any repairs and servicing in the future.


Heatline Ltd is also happy to carry out gas safety checks for landlords throughout the area and have the authority to issue safety certificates as well

Central Heating Installation

  • Central heating upgrades

  •  Boiler replacement

  •  Underfloor heating

  •  Radiator systems

  • Installation of gas, oil and LPG central heating systems

  • Free home survey

  • Independent advice and information

  • Two year guarantee on all our workmanship

  •  Landlord's Certificates and safety checks

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How can we help?

If you think your energy bills are rising faster than they should, maybe your boiler needs a professional service?


With experience working on all makes and models of gas, oil and LPG boiler, our professional heating engineer will give your boiler a thorough service. We will flush out your entire central heating system to ensure that your heating is working to maximum efficiency.


We also carry out repairs, so if your timing clock is not working or the thermostat is unreliable, just give us a call for a free quotation to have your boiler repaired.

Boiler Services

  • Regular boiler services

  • Oil, LPG and gas boilers

  • Boiler repairs

  • Full system flush out

  • All makes and models of boiler

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Boiler Services

How can we help?

Solar Energy

The technology involved in solar panels has advanced enormously over recent years and you may be surprised how easy it is to have solar panels installed on your roof.


Heatline (Helston) Ltd is happy to visit you at home to carry out a suitability survey and discuss all the options available to you.


If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bills and still have hot water throughout the day and night, call Heatline (Helston) Ltd for advice and information.

How can we help?

  •  Using a renewable energy source reduces your carbon footprint  

  •  There is no residual pollution from solar energy

  •  Once installed, no ongoing costs to heat your hot water

  •  Requires very little maintenance

  •  Long lasting and reliable

Just think, no radiators, no pipes and no clutter marring the walls in your home. Underfloor heating provides a sophisticated alternative to heating all the rooms in your home including the bathroom, shower room and kitchen.

Underfloor Heating


  • Space and aesthetics - with no cumbersome radiators and ugly pipes, you can design all your rooms as you want to

  • Hygiene and dust reduction - underfloor heating significantly reduces the amount of dust and dust mites making it a great choice for asthma sufferers

  • Quiet and comfortable - as your traditional boiler turns on and off, pipes and radiators creak and tick - underfloor heating is completely silent

  • Cost effective - underfloor heating can significantly reduce your energy bills by as much as 30%

  • Even temperatures - heat disperses evenly throughout the room so no matter how large or small your room, there will be no hot spots or cold corners.

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